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Improve your TikTok, get to the For You page, and get fast, real, authentic likes from genuine TikTok users fast with LeoBoost! Our secure payment method and no-password policy ensure you receive real results through our verified, safe service.



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Why Choose LeoBoost for buying TikTok likes ?

Real Results

Only Real Likes & Real Engagement

When you work with LeoBoost, you’re guaranteed only 100% real likes from real users—that means you’ll get real results and real engagement to help boost your TikTok page to the top!



Between our secure payment methods (Recaptcha, PSI, and SSL technology), our no-password required policy, and our promise to provide you with authentic, real users giving 100% genuine likes, you can rest assured knowing you’re safe using LeoBoost.



Did we mention we’re the only company out there that lets our customers choose the precise number of TikTok likes they want to purchase? No? Well, we are! That means you’re not stuck with any bundles or packages you’re not interested in (saving you money!)

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Our team is proud to provide 24/7 support for our customers—that means non-stop service to ensure that your questions are always answered. Just send us an email at [email protected] or reach out to us via our chat feature—we’ve got your back.

Why Buy TikTok Likes to your account ?

Go Viral

Buying TikTok likes for your videos can help you increase your TikTok engagement and broaden your exposure. How? By getting you to the For You page! When the TikTok algorithm detects that your videos are performing well (AKA, getting a lot of likes), the likelihood of your content being featured on important TikTok pages increases, which means you’ll have more eyes on your posts than ever! This makes it easier than ever to go viral!

Improve Your Page & Image

The more likes your TikTok videos have on them, the better your overall TikTok page (and your image) will be. Typically, when a TikTok account has videos with a high number of likes, that page is viewed as trustworthy, credible, and popular. Additionally, more likes on your posts can help to increase your exposure and attract new fans—they’ll want to see for themselves why you’re getting so many likes on your TikTok videos.

Save Time & Money

Sure, you could spend a lot of time and money on traditional digital advertising and TikTok ads, but none of those options is a guarantee. When you buy TikTok likes from LeoBoost, you’re investing in a sure thing on your terms—we’re the only company out there who lets you pick the exact amount of TikTok likes you want! So, not only are you never paying for services you don’t want or need, you’re investing your hard-earned money into certainty.

Build Trust, Beat Your Competitors

Show your competitors who is really the boss when you buy TikTok likes from LeoBoost! No matter what type of TikTok account you run—personal, influencer, business, etc.—there’s always a competitor out there to beat. Start with the number of likes on your videos! Show your followers (and potential followers, too), that you’re the best because you have the highest number of likes on your videos!

Everything You Need to Know About Buying high quality TikTok Likes from LeoBoost to your videos

Does Buying TikTok Likes Help Me Get to the For You Page?

It sure does! Having a large number of real, authentic TikTok likes can help you build credibility as an influencer, as a business page, and even as a personal account! How? Because TikTok’s algorithm will recognize those strong analytics and that large influx of engagement you’re receiving and flag your content to move to the most coveted page on TikTok—the For You page. This can help your page and your videos go viral, get in front of a larger audience, and grow your account bigger than ever.

How Many TikTok Likes Should I Buy?

That’s the perfect question to ask because, when it comes to videos, the number of likes to buy can be confusing. So, we’ll simplify it. Obviously, the more likes you can buy for your TikTok video the better. There’s no real limit on how many likes you can buy—that’s how videos go viral, right? Our best suggestion is for you to buy as many TikTok videos as you can while staying within your ideal budget. That’s the best thing about our service—we’re the only company out there who lets you choose the exact amount of likes you want to buy!

Will I Get the TikTok Likes I Bought Immediately?

Once you buy TikTok likes, you should start seeing them stream in nearly immediately. That being said, it can take up to two hours for all of the likes you purchased to show up on your video. Not seeing all the likes you purchased after that two hour period? Don’t sweat it! Just send us a message. Our customer support team (which is available 24/7), can help. We offer full refunds to all those who don’t receive the full amount of likes they purchased.

How Exactly Does This Process Work?

If we had to sum up our process in one word, we’d use this one: easy. Our process is super simple and very quick. First things first, go check the settings of your TikTok account. Is your profile public? If it’s not, make sure it is before you continue. Then, head to our site. Click the number of likes you want to purchase (yeah, the exact number, we’re the only company that lets you do that), type in your TikTok username (which you already set to public), select the video you want to receive those likes, and then continue to our verified payment method. Then, sit back, relax, and watch the likes flood in!

How Quality is This Service?

At LeoBoost, we believe in only offering the highest quality services—that means we ensure that you’re only receiving real, authentic likes from 100% genuine real accounts. In other words, you’ll never catch us messing around with bots, fake accounts, or spammy services. The LeoBoost guarantee means that we’ll always provide you with instant delivery that can boost your engagement, increase your posts’ exposure, and help your videos and profile get featured on TikTok’s top pages! Have a problem? We have a top-notch customer service team that’s available 24/7 to answer your questions and troubleshoot any issues!

Is it Safe to Buy Tiktok likes?

LeoBoost is 100% safe to use! For starters, we never mess around with fake bots or spammy accounts—you’ll only receive real, authentic likes from real, genuine accounts (that’s our guarantee). And, of course, your information is always protected, too. We never ask you for your TikTok log-in information and we always ensure our payment methods are verified and secure by using technology like Recaptcha, SSL, and PCI. Further, we’ve got a customer support team available to you around the clock to ensure all of your questions are answered and your needs are met.