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Improve your TikTok video engagement quickly with 100% authentic, real views from 100% genuine users! With LeoBoost’s service, you can get to the For You page, build your audience, and grow quickly, all without ever having to share your personal password or sacrificing your security!



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Why Choose LeoBoost?

Quick Supply

Quick Delivery, Real Results

We offer you more than just real, authentic users—we offer you real, authentic results that are guaranteed to be delivered quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly. We promise quick delivery and real results from real users.


Safe & Secure

No sketchy, spammy, or fake accounts here—LeoBoost guarantees only real users, real engagement, and real results so you never have to feel sketched out. Plus, our payment methods are secure (using Recaptcha, PCI, and SSL technologies) and we’ll never ask for your log-in info!



We’re the only company out there who lets you choose the exact number of TikTok views you want—no expensive packages or bundles here. Only pay for what you want to pay for!

24/7 Support

Non-Stop Support

Our service team is here 24/7 to help answer any questions you might have. Shoot us an email at [email protected] or send us a message via our chat feature at any time of the day to receive the customer support you deserve.

Why Buy TikTok Views In the First Place?

Increase Your TikTok Engagement & Get to the For You Page

When your TikTok videos get an influx of views, they have a better chance of appearing on TikTok’s For You Page and that can help you grow your organic audience. When you increase your exposure to your TikTok videos, which views can help you do, you’ll have a better chance of TikTok’s algorithm to work in your favor. Pro Tip: buy TikTok views right after you upload your newest video for a better chance of getting max exposure.

Build Trust & Credibility

When your videos have a lot of views from real accounts with real engagement (not from spammy or fake accounts), you’re able to help build trust among your followers and potential followers. They’ll see how well your videos are doing, how many real accounts are watching them, and they’ll want to know what they’re missing out on. When real followers really watch your videos, you become a much more trustworthy account with better credibility.

Create a Buzz and Go Viral

Buying TikTok views can help you create a buzz for your videos and even go viral! The best way to do this? Make sure you buy TikTok views right after you upload your new video. This will help you use the TikTok algorithm to gain more popularity, get featured, show up on the right pages, and potentially go viral! Nothing can help you make a bigger buzz than an influx of views on your new videos.

Beat Your Competitors

No matter what type of account you have—a business account, a personal account, an influencer account, etc.—there’s always competition. AKA, there’s always someone to beat—especially when it comes to who has the most views on their TikTok videos. When you buy TikTok views, you can easily and quickly get more views than your competitors, effectively showing them who is the most popular account on TikTok.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying TikTok Views from LeoBoost

Does Buying TikTok Views Help Me Get to the For You Page?

It sure does! Having a large number of real, authentic TikTok views can help you build credibility, no matter what kind of page you’re running! How exactly does this happen? TikTok’s algorithm will recognize those strong analytics and that large influx of engagement you’re receiving and flag your content to move to the most coveted page on TikTok—the For You page. This can help your page and your videos go viral, get in front of a larger audience, and grow your account bigger than ever.

How Many TikTok Views Should I Buy?

You know that saying, “less is more”? That totally doesn’t apply when it comes to buy TikTok views. You probably already know this, but videos can have unlimited views—there’s no cap on how many views your video can receive. The more views you purchase, the more views you’ll get, and that means it’s even easier to go viral! So, buy as many views as you can while staying within your budget, but remember, the more views, the better off your video will be!

When Will I Receive the TikTok Views I Paid For?

That’s a great question! At LeoBoost, we’re all about providing you with the services you ordered as quickly as possible! It’s likely that your views will start flooding in quickly once you confirm your purchase on our site. It will probably take you close to an hour to receive all of your views. That being said, if you see that you aren’t receiving the views you purchased in that time period, please message us to let us know—we’ll happily refund you if your service wasn’t properly fulfilled.

Is LeoBoost Safe to Use?

Absolutely! LeoBoost’s service is 100% safe to use because we only guarantee 100% authentic, genuine, real users providing you with real views. That means you’ll never have to deal with the risk sketchy, fake, spammy, faux accounts bring to the table. Our authentic users are just that, authentic, eliminating any possibility of putting your account at risk. Plus, we use verified technology to help keep your payments secure (and we’ll never ask for your TikTok password either!)

How Does This Process Work, Exactly?

We love that our process is simple, direct, and quick—no complications whatsoever to hold you back! First, make sure your TikTok account is set to public (no private mode here, please). Then, choose the exact amount of views you want (we’re the only company that lets you pick the precise amount), type in your TikTok username, and choose which video you want to receive the views, and make your payment. Once you’ve paid, you’re good to go—watch the views come in and see the magic in action. Remember, don’t set your profile back to private until you’ve received all your views!

Why Should I Buy TikTok Views for My Videos? What’s the Real Benefit Here?

When you buy TikTok Views, it helps you boost your exposure and increase your credibility. With a large amount of TikTok views, you’ll maximize your popularity, helps you reach thousands of new users all over the world, and builds your credibility among your current followers. It can also help to increase your organic engagement and exposure by helping you get to the top of the Following page and the For You page, too!