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Ready to boost your YouTube engagement, attract a larger audience, and create an even better YouTube image? Buying YouTube comments from LeoBoost is the perfect solution! We guarantee positive, real comments from authentic, English-speaking users—plus, our payment methods are secured and safe for your account!

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Why Choose LeoBoost?

Real Results

Positive Comments

Our services only come from real, authentic, English-speaking users—that means you’ll never deal with spammy comments that look fake. Our comments are positive, specific to your videos, and will set your profile apart from your competitors.



When it comes to safety, we never mess around. We’ll never ask for your log-in information or password and you can always count on us to use verified, secure methods to process your payments and keep your info safe.



Don’t spend a bundle of cash to grow your YouTube—use LeoBoost’s affordable strategy to boost your growth. With our site, you can choose the exact number of YouTube comments you want to purchase—no packages or bundles! Only pay for what you need for your page.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

We’re on call 24/7, 365 days a year. Need help or have a question? Just reach out to our support team via email at [email protected] or our chat feature—we’ll help you solve whatever problems you’re facing.

Why Buy YouTube Comments In the First Place?

Build Trust Within Your Fanbase

When you decide to purchase YouTube comments, you build up a lot of engagement on your videos—all of which your current subscribers and fans will see. These subs will see that engagement and those positive comments and see how credible you are—and the more credibility you have, the more your fans will trust you. That real, positive engagement will build trust within your current fan base and can even encourage them to comment and engage with your videos, too.

Receive Organic Comments

While the actual act of purchasing YouTube comments isn’t organic growth by nature, that process can actually kickstart other organic comments, too! It’s true. When you buy YouTube comments, you’ll automatically gain exposure, and that exposure means that more people will see your video, see the comments on your video, watch your video, and be encouraged to organically comment on that video, too. People are always more comfortable commenting on videos that already have comments—it’s a snowball effect.

Create a Better Image Than Your Competitors

Show your competitors who is better at YouTube when you blow them out of the water with the number of comments you have on your videos. When you get more exposure and engagement on your YouTube videos, you appear to be more credible and more popular than your competitors, and that can only help when it comes to increasing your growth! Purchasing YouTube comments from LeoBoost can provide you with positive, English comments that beat out the number of comments on your competitors’ videos.

Increase Your Engagement

When you choose to buy YouTube comments from LeoBoost, you’re getting real, positive comments from 100% authentic users. YouTube’s algorithm recognizes that boost in engagement as a reason to mark your page and videos as must-watch content, which means you’re more likely to show up on YouTube’s search results, will improve your YouTube ranking, and even add you to the Suggested Videos page—these things mean even more exposure and engagement for your account!

Everything You Need to Know About Buying YouTube Comments from LeoBoost

Why Should I Choose LeoBoost for My YouTube Comments?

We don’t blame you for asking this question—there are a ton of companies out there who claim to do what we do, so, how can you possibly decide which is the best fit for you? Here’s a secret—other companies don’t do exactly what we do. We’re the only company out there who lets you purchase the exact number of YouTube comments you want—no packages or bundles here. Plus, we’re so committed to seamless customer service that we guarantee a refund if for some reason all of the YouTube comments you purchased don’t come through. Aside from that, we’re fast, we’re seamless, and we’re only providing you with authentic comments from real users.

Will Anyone Know That I Bought Some of My YouTube Comments?

The only way someone will know that you bought YouTube comments from LeoBoost is if you tell them. Personally, we’re all about protecting our clients’ privacy, so you’ll never have to worry about us divulging or sharing any of your secret, private, or delicate info—that includes whether or not you purchased YouTube comments from our site. Our social media marketing services are your business and your business only. Want to tell someone you purchased YouTube comments from us? Go for it! But if not, that secret stays between you and us—no exceptions.

Are LeoBoost’s Services Safe to Use?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on providing an entirely safe, wholly secure system for our clients. When it comes to security, we know there’s no playing around. That’s why we only promise you authentic comments from real users (no sketchy or spammy fake users to worry about), created a secure payment method that uses high-tech tools to encrypt and protect your information, and never require your log-in details. It’s true—if you want to work with us, there’s no reason for you to ever provide us with your private log-in information, we just need the link to your video you want to promote.

How Do I Find My YouTube Video Link on My Phone or My Tablet?

Remember how we said we don’t need your log-in information to provide you with social media marketing services on your YouTube videos? We meant it. All we need is your YouTube video link. How exactly do you find this? First, open your video on the YouTube app (if you’re on your phone or another mobile device), click “share,” and then select “copy link.” Once you’ve copied this link, you’ll need to past the link into our site. See? It’s that easy! No log-in or password required.

How Exactly Does This Process Work?

Our process is simple, direct, and very straightforward. First, visit our page and choose the specific number of comments you’d like to purchase (we’re the only company out there who lets you pick the exact number you want!). Then, make sure that your YouTube profile and videos are set to public so that our real users can find your account to leave positive, video-specific comments. Next, insert a copied link for your specific YouTube video that you’d like to receive comments on. Finally, head to the secured payment section. All that’s left is for you to wait for your comments to start flooding in. Yep, it’s that easy.

How Can Buying YouTube Comments Promote My Videos and My Profile?

Buying YouTube comments for your videos automatically increases your engagement and your exposure. When YouTube notices an influx of comments on your video, the YouTube algorithm will mark your profile and your video as “must-watch” content, meaning you’ll have a better chance of appearing in the top of the YouTube searches, on the YouTube suggested page, and it will even improve your YouTube ranking. Comments are just a piece of that puzzle—all types of engagement are useful when it comes to promoting your videos and getting that organic exposure you want and deserve—but they’re an important piece that you don’t want to miss out on.