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Boost your YouTube credibility, show positive feedback, and rank higher on YouTube’s search algorithm when you buy 100% real, authentic likes from LeoBoost! We guarantee secure payment, a safe process, and real results from genuine users.



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Why Choose LeoBoost?

Real Results

Real, Authentic Likes

We only provide our customers with authentic likes from real users—this will help you improve your exposure, rank higher on YouTube’s algorithm, experience a boost in organic growth, and pop in suggested videos more often, too!


Secure & Safe

Our process is 100% secure and our payments are 100% safe. How can we verify this? By providing you with only real likes from real users—no spammy, fake users! Plus, our payment method uses SSL, PCI, and Recaptcha technologies to protect your important info.



We offer the most affordable options for gaining YouTube credibility. LeoBoost is the only company out there who lets you choose the exact amount of YouTube likes you want to buy—don’t pay for anything you don’t want or need.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

The LeoBoost support team is here for you 24/7 through our chat feature or by email . Have a question? Need help? No problem! Reach out to us at [email protected] anytime—day or night—and we’ll get back to you fast with answers.

Why Buy YouTube Likes to your video?

Go Viral

Buying YouTube likes is the most affordable, easiest way to go viral with your YouTube videos. When you buy likes, you can rank higher on YouTube’s search algorithm results, which can help you get new, organic likes and views. This process helps you pop up more regularly on someone’s search feed when they search on YouTube, you’ll be more likely to be on the top of users’ feeds, and you’ll appear more often in YouTube’s suggested videos.

Beat Your Competitors

Show your competitors who’s got all the social proof and credibility when you buy an influx of YouTube likes. Guess what? Most of your competitors probably buy YouTube likes already, so it’s up to you to beat them at their own game, gain the trust of your audience, and get the social proof you need to make a bigger, better impression on YouTube users than you competitor can.

Encourage Users to Watch Longer

Typically, people have pretty short attention spans—it’s hard to get anyone to watch a video all the way through or browse your channel. But when users see that your videos already have a huge influx of likes, they’re enticed and incentivized to watch your videos for longer to uncover the reason why so many other users liked your video. The longer a user stays on your YouTube channel watching your videos, the better.

Snowball Effect

YouTube—like other social media platforms—has a sort of snowball effect when it comes to exposure and popularity. When a user sees your video already has a lot of likes, they’ll consider it a must-watch video, then another user will see it, and another, and another—soon as you know it, you’ve reached peak organic popularity! If a user sees that hundreds or thousands of other users have liked your video, they’ll want to watch and like it, too.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying YouTube Likes from LeoBoost

Is Buying Like Risky For My Videos?

Nope! That’s the best part about our service—there’s no risk involved and your account can’t be banned. Why? Because we’re not selling fake likes from fake users—we’re offering real, authentic likes and traffic from genuine users! Our likes are all legal, all about results, and not risky at all. Your account is safe and won’t be put at risk when you buy Youtube likes from real users through LeoBoost’s YouTube Likes service—we’re all about keeping you safe and getting you the real results you’re after.

How Do I Buy YouTube Likes from LeoBoost?

Our process is straightforward, simple, and easy—we’ll explain. First, make sure your YouTube channel and video settings are on public, worldwide. Then, copy and insert your video’s link from the web into our site. Next, choose the number of likes you want to purchase (we’re the only company out there who lets you pick the exact amount of likes you want, BTW), and continue to our secured payment method. Remember, you have to make sure your channel and videos are set to public for this process to work.

Is This Service Guaranteed?

Our service is 100% guaranteed. We’re so confident that you’ll receive every last like you purchased that we offer a full refund if, for some reason, you don’t receive your likes in the specified amount of time. This means that you’re never running the risk of not getting the likes you paid for! We’re proud to offer our customers a 100% money-back guarantee should something go wrong and they don’t receive the likes they paid for.

When Should I Expect to See My Purchased YouTube Likes?

From the moment you purchase your YouTube likes through our verified payment process, you can expect to see the likes flowing in. We aim to provide our customers with the likes they paid for as quickly as possible, so over the next 24-48 hours, you should see all of the likes you paid for come through. Not seeing your likes? Let us know as soon as possible and we can work it out. If for some reason you don’t receive all of your likes within this time frame, we’re happy to provide a full refund.

How Many YouTube Likes Should I Buy?

That’s a great question—because knowing how many likes to buy for your YouTube videos can be tricky! Every video will be different. We recommend buying anywhere from about 2%-%5 of the views amount that your video has for a realistic ratio. Please note, though, if you have dislikes on your video, you’ll probably want to buy even more likes than that suggested 2%-5% to cover the difference of the ratio between likes and dislikes.

What are the Benefits of Buying YouTube Views?

We’re so glad you asked this question because that means you’re like us and care about the authenticity of your YouTube channel. When you buy Youtube likes from LeoBoost, you’re buying only 100% authentic, real likes from genuine accounts—that means you’re getting real results, real traffic, and real likes from real people. That’s a lot of authenticity, right? Because these likes are coming from real users, they can show up from all over the world, helping to get real traffic to your channel in a quick, easy, and affordable way.