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Real Results

100% Real Views from Real Viewers

There are thousands of ways to deliver views—but we’re proud to offer you 100% real source views! We use creative marketing, optimized PPC campaigns, video placement, and social media marketing to get you the views you want—bad companies might use click farms or bots!



Our service is 100% safe! Because you’re buying authentic, real views, you don’t have to deal with sketchy, spammy bots that put your account at risk! Plus, our payment methods are secured, verified, and ensured to keep your info safe!

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Guaranteed Service

We’re so confident our service will work correctly; we guarantee that you’ll receive the exact number of views you order! Don’t see all your purchased views? Tell us—we guarantee a full refund for orders that aren’t accurately filled.

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24/7 Support Team

Our team is available around the clock to ensure your experience is perfect! Have a question? Need help with something? Contact our team 24/7 via our chat feature or email at [email protected] — we’re here to help you!

Why Buy YouTube Views?

Organic Blast

Did you know that buying YouTube views can actually help boost your organic growth, too? Here’s how. When you buy more views, you’ll rank higher on YouTube’s search result algorithm. Because of this, you’ll pop up higher on search feeds, show up more in YouTube’s suggested videos, and more people will find you at the top of their feeds. Our advice? Buy Youtube views right after you upload your video to get the max amount of organic promotion from YouTube’s algorithm.

Get Social Proof

Whether you’re a blogger, singer, dancer, gamer, etc., if you want to grow your channel, you’ll need social proof to do it! When you buy Youtube views from LeoBoost, you’ll rank higher and the number of views you have from 100% real users will increase—this builds up social proof and shows users that you’re a must-watch channel. This makes you credible and important, which shows other users that your channel is worth a watch! In turn, your views will increase organically, too!

Save Time & Money

Growing a YouTube channel, beating your competition, and getting the social proof you need to be the best on YouTube takes a lot of time—and sometimes, a lot of money. But with LeoBoost, you can save time and money all while growing your channel! Stop paying for YouTube ads and start purchasing guaranteed views from LeoBoost. With our service, you can pick the exact number of views you want and get guaranteed results (for a more affordable price!).

Beat Your Competitors

Still not sure about if you should buy Youtube views? Guess what—your competitors do it! It might seem surprising, but most YouTubers (from all sorts of niches) are growing their channels quickly because they’re buying YouTube views regularly. To beat them, it’s up to you to make sure your videos go viral, get the most views—when you do that, you gain the trust of your audience, get social proof, make a bigger impression, and are one step closer to beating out your competitors!

Everything You Need to Know About Buying YouTube Views from LeoBoost

Can I Make Money With YouTube?

The short answer? Yes. The long answer—yes, but it’s a little tricky. Here’s the deal. To make money on YouTube, you need to have something called Google AdSense, a function that helps YouTubers receive money for their clicks and views. But not just anyone can get AdSense. You need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time to even apply. That’s where we come in. Buying real views from LeoBoost can get you to those metrics faster so you can get AdSense faster—it’s quick, it’s legal, it’s affordable, and most importantly, it’s real.

How Does the Process of buying views Work?

First things first, before you buy any amount of views (and, by the way, we’re the only company out there who lets you pick the exact number of views you want—no packages here), make sure your video and YouTube channel settings are open for all over the world. Then, copy and insert your video link from the Web (like Firefox or Chrome, for example) into our site, choose the amount of views you want, and then continue to your cart for secured payment. Pro tip: Make sure your settings are public—otherwise this process won’t work!

When I Buy YouTube Views From LeoBoost, Does it Put My Account at Risk for Being Deleted?

No way! Because LeoBoost uses authentic, 100% real users for your views—and not spammy, sketchy bots!—you’re never putting your account at risk for being deleted. Our views are 100% legal, real, and never risky. We know that you put a lot of work, time, and money into growing your account—that’s why we’d never offer you scammy ways to grow your page. All of our views are from real, authentic users—no weird bots here!

Are There Other Ways to Promote My YouTube Channel?

Of course there are! Buying views isn’t the only strategy for growing your channel, but it is affordable and fast! But if you’re not quite ready to buy views, try a few of these strategies: write high-quality video comments, don’t forget to edit your labels, optimize thumbnail pictures (this matters!), add subtitles, upload regular content, change your filenames to video names, be active consistently, use other social media accounts for cross-platform promotion, and offer promotions and gifts to followers.

If These Views Are Real, Where Do They Come From?

This is a tricky answer only because there are thousands of different ways to deliver real authentic views—so, answering this question isn’t super straightforward. Good companies—like LeoBoost!—work to deliver real views from real users through strategies that implement creative marketing, video placement, social media marketing, optimized PPC campaigns, and more. Other, bad companies might use 1x1 popups, click farms, or even spammy bots. As for us, we only provide real views and real traffic—nothing else! Our views are 100% authentic and from real users and come from all different parts of the world.

When Should I Expect to See an Increase in Views?

LeoBoost is proud to provide the exact number of views you paid for as quickly as possible! This means, from the moment you pay through our secured site, you should start to see views coming in. That being said, to get the total amount of views you paid for, you might need to wait up to 48 hours. Don’t see them after this time? Contact us! We can help sort through the problem. If you don’t receive the views you paid for, we offer a money-back guarantee!